Negatives to Positives – Change your thoughts!

Negative thoughts may fester and stop you going for promotions, friendships, relationships, adventures and opportunities. They can stunt personal growth, cause us to make bad decisions, and drive us to become the worst versions of ourselves. They can warp our perception of experiences and even cause us physical and mental damage, feeding mood and anxiety disorders.… Continue reading Negatives to Positives – Change your thoughts!

Setting Expectations

The stress is building. You need to get this done. The end goal seems so far away…Then the procrastination sets in.. the doubt that you will never be able to get it done. What’s the point really. Is it even possible to succeed anyway?Don’t worry about it. You can do it later. As a new… Continue reading Setting Expectations

Take Your Dog to Work

Speaking as a dog owner, having a dedicated day to ‘Take Your Dog to Work’ is probably the best idea anyone has ever had! What, bias? Nah. My doggo’s name is Aries, she is a 5year old greyhound, I adopted her about a year and a half ago. During the time that I have been… Continue reading Take Your Dog to Work

Business Admin

Lets face it… You don’t want to spend time organising the administration components of your business. As important as they are, they aren’t what you really want to be doing. They are boring. They take a lot of time. And, well sometimes you don’t really know what you are doing. August Admin Co understands this… Continue reading Business Admin

Life Admin

I know what you are going to say… “What even is life admin?” Well, the fact that your asking is awesome! Luckily, you are in the right spot. Life Admin is basically all the little things that you don’t really want to do.. or if you are an organisation freak like our founder Haylee then… Continue reading Life Admin

Earth is Hiring

The new way to Live, Lead, Earn and Give for Millennial’s and anyone who gives a shit. When I first read this book it felt like it pushed me over a little step that I was prolonging taking. Now, I am so very thankful for that step, and the creation of August Admin Co. I… Continue reading Earth is Hiring

FREE Consultation

Are you ready to catch up and drink wine or coffee, and eat garlic bread? Oh, wait… sorry, I mean to talk about how August Admin Co can help your business thrive! So then hopefully even more garlic bread and wine drinking times can be had… You’re in luck. The first consultation is free. Plus,… Continue reading FREE Consultation

Why I Quit My Job

Thanks for joining me! I am beyond excited to be sharing this post, it has been a long time coming… But as the sun sets on the water, I see the symbolism, a door closing. And when the sun rises again, I welcome whats to come. Stop being afraid of what could go wrong, and… Continue reading Why I Quit My Job